Computer Cleaning

Why have your computers cleaned?

Particles of food easily fall in the gaps between the keys of your keyboard, along with bits of fingernail, hair, skin and insects. Other particles found in computers can cause harmful bacteria to build up leading to stomach disorders such as gastroentenis.

In the UK businesses lose £11.7billion each year due to sickness. Many of these sick days could have been prevented by regular cleaning of the computers in the work place.

The hidden enemy

In general a computer has a fan designed to ensure it operates around 70o-75o C.

However dust is the hidden enemy because the fan also sucks in dust, dust-mites and hairs, causing the CPU to eventually become too hot, which can lead to your computer overheating and malfunctioning. Internal maintenance is cheaper than replacement!

We are here to help!

We are sure you go to great lengths to keep your office and toilets clean and inviting, but what about your computers?

Have they ever been cleaned inside? Have they been cleaned using special anti-bacterial chemicals to kill viruses?

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Put us to the test

As an introductory offer we will come to your work place and clean the dirtiest computer for FREE! This includes: the monitor, keyboard, mouse, work station, printer, fax machine and telephone.

This offer is for 1 computer cleaned out of a minimum of 4. Please call for more details.

The benefits of having your computer cleaned

- Less staff absence
- Raises staff morale
- Less IT call outs
- Removes the risk of catching harmful viruses from the computer

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Computer Cleaning Doncaster