Window Cleaning

Using the latest technology in water purification, which is done by using various filtration processes and the Reverse Osmosis system.

Our vehicles are self-sufficient and do not require water on site. This pure water is then pumped through a carbon fibre pole, which can reach up to 72 ft. (six floors in height) from the safety of the ground.

This makes it one of the most cost effective, and safe systems to use in having your windows cleaned.

There is then nothing to fear from a spot check visit from Her Majesty Health and Safety Officer, as this system is perfect for the Health and Safety working at heights legislation 2005.

This eradicates the use of ladders, and there is no fall from heights to worry about.

For safety and man-hours this is the most cost effective way to clean your windows whether at home or on a commercial site.

This system is also of benefit to our Commercial clients for another reason, as in the environmental plan for the Health and Safety site file (which is provided by MJD Cleaning Services Ltd free of Charge to every new client) there are no detergents going down the site drains to be concerned about, again this makes a great saving to the cleaning budget as windows that are cleaned using this system stay cleaner for longer, as where by detergents attract dirt, toxins, vehicle fumes onto the window, this cannot happen using the pure water system, hence your windows stay cleaner for longer.

We'd be happy to work out a plan for your individual needs, as some of our clients save up to 45% of they cleaning budget, using this method and our suggestions.

Health and safety is very important to us whether its that semi detached house, a small commercial unit, or a business park, we are I.O.S.H. trained and so carry out risk assessments and method statements on every job, which is then prepared as a bespoke site file for you the client.

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Window Cleaning Doncaster